Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What happened at the BDJ Fair?

What: BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless! Be a Power Bella!
When: October 14, 2012, Sunday
Where: SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall
Why: Launch of the 2013 edition (7th edition) of the Belle de Jour Power Planner and the BDJ Box

The BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless! Be a Power Bella! opened the gates to around 3,000 attendees on a clear Sunday morning at the SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall. Even before 10 am, girls were lined up to enter the fairgrounds with so much fun activities and treats in store. The fair’s carnival theme gave more energy to the BDJ Lifestyle booths and main program area for lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel and blogging inspired learning workshops and talks during the day and the BDJ Fashion show sponsored by SM Ladies Wear and SM Parisian, which was one of the highlights of the evening. Life-sized BDJ 2013 Girl cut-outs were scattered throughout the fairgrounds, giving off more powerful Bella vibes!

The BDJ Fair was for everyone – not just BDJ Girls but their friends and family, even their pets. Everyone was looking forward for the launch of the 7th edition of their favorite power planner, the Belle de Jour Power Planner.

100% of proceeds of the event were for the benefit of RockEd Philippines and the students of SKR Program (Romblon Scholars). Information on the advocacies were made available on the commitment wall and the VIP Charity Pass. This year, BDJ Girls were encouraged to write in the huge BDJ Commitment Wall the many ways on how they can be a power bella this 2013 – this is one of the empowering activities BDJ Fair offers annually. Attendees who availed the VIP Charity Pass (worth Php100) were not only able to help our advocacy but were also able to enjoy Wall Climbing, Bungee Jumping, Tarot Card Reading, Photo booth, a talk segment (to which they pre-registered) and a special loot bag! A lot of exciting activities and freebies in exchange for helping out!

BDJ Girls were each given a passport detailing all the activities, an itinerary, and a raffle stub for the fairgrounds raffle! Lots of prizes were given away for raffle from day to night! Gift certificates from Azta Urban Salon, Subic Grand Seas Resort, SM Parisian, Michelis, IKMF Philippines, Cosmopolitan Magazine; gifts from City Delivery, Chalk Magazine, Roxy, Pet Express, Skin White, Lipcote and Garnier were bagged by our fair attendees!

Over 1,300 girls signed up for the top 3 talks they wish to attend, during the online pre-registration a week prior to the BDJ Fair. All pre-registrants were automatically granted VIP Charity passes and entitled to an entry for the Main Program area raffle of more gifts and gift certificates! Girls won 50% off for a 1-month class of Krav Maga from IKMF Philippines, jeans, pouch and shirts from Bauhaus, hair treatment gift certificates from Azta Urban Salon, gift sets from Black Beauty, foldable flip-flops from Flipsters, shoes from Free Fish, Eternity Aqua perfumes from Calvin Klein, gift sets from Skin White, Rajo! For Parisian gift certificates from SM Parisian, 1 free class gift certificate from barre3, jewelry from Michelis and apparel from Roxy.

Every VIP Charity Pass holder gets to take home a loot bag with so much freebies and discount vouchers from Kitkat, Chippy, C2 Milky Tea, Nissins Yakisoba, discount vouchers from Michelis, Otterbox, SM Ladies Wear, Free Fish, Flipsters, stickers from DC Shoes, ballers from Roxy, sample items from Yves Rocher, Black Beauty, comic strip from Strip, magazines from Metro Magazine, and other freebies from The Spa, Kim Store, Pet Express, Montagne Jeunesse, Azta Urban Salon, John Robert Powers, Goody, Beauty Bar and IKMF Philippines plus magazines from Cosmopolitan.

All the people who went to the fair got a special 20% discount on all Viviamo! Planners -- the BDJ 2013, Everything Is Possible 2013, Navi: Your Life Navigator 2013 and BDJ Forget-Me-Not notebooks. All Viviamo! Paper products were available at a discount on BDJ Fair only.

Everyone enjoyed the fair partners’ booth activities of SM Ladies Wear’s Strike a Pose, All Flip-Flops’ free gift sets for the first 100 who bought All Flip-Flops pairs, Pachinko game of Ace Water Spa, Hair Coloring sessions from Kolours, make-over from Azta Urban Salon, a choice of make-up from Purebeauty, free Upper Lip Threading from Browhaus, shout out wall of Montagne Jeunesse, logo memory tests of City Delivery, shoot and ring toss from Subic Grand Seas, Pet Express’ stick a dot on spot, Black beauty’s photo booth, an origami challenge by Flipsters, Ring toss game of Free Fish, free hair goodies from Goody, Skin White, Vitress and Hygienix’ relay games, bracelet making of Roxy and DC Shoes’ shoe pong game. Awesome VIP activities like DC Shoes’ Bungee Jumping, Roxy’s Wall Climb, Bauhaus’ Tarot Card Reading and iFlick’s photobooth were also lined up. Girls were able to go online and like our Facebook fan pages on our tech hub courtesy of Globe Business.

A lot of BDJ Girls signed up for our afternoon activity – The Race to Limitless! Over 50 girls teamed up and dedicated themselves to win the challenges in our annual scavenger hunt. And of course, a BDJ event will not be complete without letting the BDJ Girls learn from us! International Krav Maga Foundation of the Philippines taught the girls self-defense at Kick Ass Krav Maga; Jasmine Mendiola showed how to glamor up your style with Style Me Over; Mae Ilagan of When In Manila gave a brief talk about the popular blog When In Manila; bloggers Tricia Gosingtian and Patty Laurel shared their experiences in fashion blogging and limitless travelling in Bloggers Extraordinaire; Beauty Experts Georgina Wilson of Garnier and Erica Paredes shared beauty tips and tricks at Beauty Bootcamp; PJ Lanot and Fitz Villafuerte shared the secrets of effective communication and money handling at Life Lessons; and Donna Cuna-Pita and Divine Lee shared fashion secrets on infusing colors to your wardrobe and owning your fashion style at Fierce Fashions! Don’t forget an exciting part of the night – the BDJ Girls Fashion Show! BDJ Girls styled up by Makeup Designory Manila and Tokyo Posh showcased new styles from SM Ladies Wear and SM Parisian.

To give last bits of entertainment in the fair, Jill Ngo and the Goddesses of Bellydance and the Walkie Talkies gave musical performances to the first three thousand girls who got first dibs of the 2013 edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner.

The BDJ Planner now has new four kinds of covers! Live your life to the fullest with our BDJ 2013 Exclusive Matte Leather cover for only Php680, BDJ Planner Printed Leatherette Cover for only Php648 and our BDJ Planner Matte Printed Cover for Php598! For more information on the Belle de Jour Power Planner, other products and events, log on to belledejourpowerplanner.com or join our BDJ Community at bdjcircle.com! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BelledeJourPlanner) or follow @BDJBuzz on Twitter.


  1. Hello! I typed into google, "Jogging SM Davao" and one of your posts came up, then I saw your BDJ post and as I was browsing I saw several photos of myself. haha wala lang, its nice to meet a bella through blogs ;) see you in the next fair! :D


    (i removed my previous comment due to a typo :p)

    1. heyyyyy.... are you from Davao?.. I am not a bella coz I am a man..hahaha... but I just posted this to support BDJ


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