Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tear-Jerker Scenes in the TV Series The Walking Dead

I would like to highlight the other side of The Walking Dead on this blogpost. As we all know, The Walking Dead TV series displays a lot of scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences (sounds familiar eh?). If you are after those gore scenes, you may not be able to appreciate the soft side of this TV series. aside from the moral values and the survival instincts that this show could teach us, it has also several tear-jerker scenes that can play with your emotion.

Here are some of the scenes from The Walking Dead that would make you shed some tears:

1. The Death of Sophia (Season 2- Episode 7)

Sophia's character in the TV series is sweet and fragile girl:

But what would you do if she turns into a walker?

Either you would pity her or she will eat you. You have no choice but to kill her. After long days and weeks of search and rescue to the point of compromising the rescuer's life to find Sohpia after she has gone astray in the forest, there she is, a certified zombie. 

Imagine this, killing an innocent girl in front of her mother just because she's a zombie, how would you react on that?

2. Carl Gets Shot ( Season 2 Episoe 1)

For a boy who supposed to play and have fun instead of living in fear of being attacked by a zombie, nature is the best alternative to temporarily forget the dilemma in the world. For Carl , connecting with the deer through eye to eye contact is a symbol of hope and life. But a 50 seconds heaven for this innocent boy has been replaced by tension and fear after he was shot by a hunter. Don't worry, he survived this tragedy, but what he has gone through to survive is very remarkable, and yes, emotional.

3. Dale Attacked by a Walker (Season 2 Episode 11)

The character of Dale is certainly not one of my favorite in this series. The group can survive without him. However, eventhough Dale has no contribution to the group, they need him. For me, he is like a conscience for everybody. In a world where "survival of the fittest" is the rule of the game, Dale remains to be somebody who keeps everybody's sanity. When he was attacked by a zombie, he suffered a lot. He could have chosen to die in a gun shot than having his gut ripped apart by a zombie. I cried because Dale stands as a Father of the group. Everybody lost a father in that instant.

Since The Walking Dead series is still on going, I am going to update this post from time to time. Please feel free to suggest scenes from the past episode that I could include here so I can review and may qualify in the list.

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