Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Taste, Great Pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

I confess that I don’t drink beer. But just because I don’t drink beer doesn’t mean I have no great experience about beer drinking session. I understand how people really love to gather themselves and drink beer, it can actually provide a good atmosphere to talk, listen and laugh especially when you are drinking San Miguel Lifestyle Brews paired with chocolate kisses.

Why is it your most favorite experience and why?         
I have a lot of great experiences with San Miguel beverages but the most awesome so far is when it was paired with chocolate. Why? It’s because it’s a weird pair but you wouldn’t really appreciate it if you will not try it. It’s just like dealing with people, you can’t simply judge them unless you get to know them well. I love San Miguel Lifestyle Brews –Chocolate tandem.

How does San Miguel Lifestyle Brews amplify the taste of your favorite dish?

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews simply highlights the taste of the cocoa in the chocolate. We used to appreciate it as sweet food but when it is being paired with San Miguel beer, you will get to taste a different side of Chocolate.

“Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”


  1. Really this have a such nice taste.......I love it....

    1. yes indeed, it's just sounds weird but it's a good pairing actually


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