Monday, September 17, 2012

Top iPhone 5 Rumours That Did And Did Not Come True

Before Apple unveiled its latest iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5, it has kept its silence amidst the surge of rumours on how iPhone 5 will look like, how powerful it will be, the new features, and much more. Some of these rumours have reliable sources while some may be brought by strong hopes for a feature that they want to see with the new iPhone. On the other hand, some rumours are created by speculators who just want to join the bandwagon.

Wherever these iPhone 5 rumours are coming from, some came true and some did not. Here are the top iPhone 5 rumours that did and did not come true:

1. Display to finally reach at least 4 inches – A lot of people are certainly looking forward to iPhone’s breaking out of their historical 3.5 inch screen size. And Apple did not disappoint these people by giving them a bigger 4 inch screen size for the iPhone 5. Still quite smaller than the fierce competitors’ screen size ranging from 4.5 to even more than 5 inches but people can’t underestimate iPhone 5’s 4 inch retina display considering its whopping 1136 x 640 pixels resulting to a 326ppi pixel density.

2. iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector – iPhone 5 got rid of its 30-pin port that has been on the previous iPods and iPhones and replaced it with a smaller, eight-signal plug. This can still work with the older 30-pin cables and speaker docks provided that the user will buy an adapter to connect these traditional devices with iPhone 5’s new dock connector.

3. iPhone 5 will have a thinner screen – Rumours also came out that Apple will be using a thinner display for the iPhone 5. It turned out that Apple did pull this one off by removing a layer that used to be in the previous iPhones and built in the sensors directly into the display. For this reason, the iPhone 5 was able to have a thinner dimension.

4. iPhone 5 will have a unibody construction – Even reputable techie and gadget websites strongly believed that this rumour will come true where the iPhone 5 will have a sort of u-shaped back plate that will cover the back and the sides of the new iOS smartphone. The argument here is that, the unibody structure will give a stronger and thinner exterior, improved reception quality and better new look. On the other hand, even if Apple did not push through with this design, iPhone 5 owners can still enjoy the smooth glass and aluminium exteriors with crystalline diamond cut edges which can still spark admiration for its aesthetics.

5. The NFC technology will be included in iPhone 5 – Two reasons could have brought out strong hopes about this feature. First is the inclusion of the Passbook application in the iOS 6 and the other reason is the fact that other flagship smartphones already have this technology. Apple is certainly not into following trends which is evidenced by their persistence with their 3.5 inch screen size. Also, they strongly believe that the Passbook feature will work well, even without the NFC feature as long as there is an internet connection which is pretty much prevalent these days.

6. iPhone 5 will be powered with an A5X chip – For being the same chip that is currently with the latest ‘new iPad’, a lot of people thought that this will be the same type of chip that will be in the iPhone 5. Fortunately, Apple included a much better A6 chip which is capable of performing even twice as fast as the A5 chip in the iPhone 4, giving the iPhone 5 owner an amazing web browsing, maps navigating, and other iPhone 5 functions performing, especially if connected using a high speed internet connection.

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