Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hate to Wait? Trust nTrust!

In a beauty pageant, three contestants are vying for the title Ms. World Universe Intergalactic Queen. A representative from Malaysia introduced herself, “Hi, My name is Sharaman Handar, Malay nyo, Malay ko, Malaysssiiiaaa!!!!”. The second beauty representative is from Norway, she also introduced herself, “Ola!!! My name is Charmagne Klaudia, I am representing not my way or your way but Norrrwaaayyyy!!!!”. And the third contingent is from the Philippines, she also introduced herself, “Mabuhay!!!! My name is Sara Cruz, I am from a Country where you make Pila dito, Pila Doon, Pilipinaaasss!!!!

Excuse me for my “corny-ness”, but you mean it, we are a country of “Pila”. Wherever you go, whether you pay for your groceries, or your bills or even use a public bathroom, you need to endure a very long line and WAIT for your turn to be accommodated. An old cliché says, “Patience is a virtue”, true indeed, but we don’t need the virtue of patience if we can do something to hasten the process and avoid the looooonnnggg lines. There could be a lot of reasons why waiting in a long line is a habit here in the Philippines, it could be because we are using a laid back technology that even scanning a bar code of your item would take a minute to finish. Or maybe we don’t have enough manpower to accommodate the flooding and complaining customers. For whatever reasons, there should be no excuse why we can’t do things in a quickest possible way.

I really hate to wait. Well, who does not? Ask my officemates who have waited for about 20 minutes for their lunch to be served and they will answer you a big NO to waiting.

This photo was taken at the restaurant while we are waiting for our lunch to be served.  If you want to avoid long line-ups go to
But I’m sure I am not the only anti-waiting in this world, so I went to the public places and I’ve spotted these two young ladies in a shop booth. They are standing last in line waiting for their turn. I wonder how long they would wait just to be accommodated.

This photo was taken at the mall while people were lining up for a shop booth. If you want to avoid long line-ups go to
In a beauty shop, I have also spotted this college student waiting for the shop to open. The customers formed their line outside the building and waited.

This photo was taken at the beauty shop while people were lining up for a store to open. If you want to avoid long line-ups go to
You see? Waiting is everywhere and I know you hate it too. Even in remittance centers and banks, you need to line up and wait for your turn just to send or receive the money.  When you are abroad, it’s just easy to Remit money to the Philippines, but your recipient would need to endure a long line just to get your money. But now, there is a better and quicker way to receive and Send money to the Philippines. You may want to know How to transfer money to the Philippines without long lines and waiting. The answer is nTrust.

nTrust understands how valuable is your time. So instead of spending too much time in long line in remittance office, you can spend it with your family. That is why nTrust developed a platform where you can send and receive money at the quickest possible time. It’s just like sending a text message or an email. No traffic, no time consuming line ups and most of all, no stress. Sending and Receiving money with nTrust is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What is nTrust by the way? nTrust is the first ever global network that allows you to connect with your friends and family. Through this, you can send or receive money for/from them. There is no need for currency conversion because you can just send the money in a host of currencies. Not only that, you can send any amount you want and you can do it wherever you are in the world. Amazing right?

To learn more about nTrust, visit their website at You can sign-up and check us out for free!

Want to see us in action? Watch an nTrust tutorial.

And hey, even these famous icons would like to agree with nTrust too:

If you hate to wait, Try out nTrust, today!


  1. Intriguing! Going to money remittance centers almost always takes up too much time because of the long queue. nTrust seems to offer a good solution to eliminate queuing time.

    1. I know right... and they can assure you realtime transfer of your money.


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