Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 Best Indoor Activities on Weekend

I am not sure how many people would agree that weekend is the best part of the week. For me, there are a hundreds of reason why I love weekend. Aside from the fact that this is the part of the week that we are free from being a corporate slave, weekend is almost synonymous to “stress-free”. It is only during weekend that we can clearly define and spell the word “RELAX”. During Mondays and Humpdays, we sometimes almost to forget the word RELAX as we are bombarded with deadlines and pressures.

Hey, let’s forget about it for a while. Let’s try to make our weekend meaningful by naming the top 5 best indoor activities that you can do during weekend. Although outdoor activities are fun, we could not afford to always go to the beach or to a picnic during weekend, so it’s best that we will just spend our weekend doing some indoor activities with family and friends sometimes.

Here are my top 5 best pick for best indoor activities on weekend:

1. Video gaming

This is my first suggestion if you want to have a relaxing indoor weekend activity. You don’t need to worry about foods and location for this. All you need is a coin operated machine to play video games or if you have your own video gaming gadgets at home, you can also use it and stay in the four corners of your room. What is good with the video gaming is that, it will temporarily take you to its own world. When you are in a different world, regardless if it is virtual or not, you tend to forget the hassles of the reality. Video gaming could also be addicting, so you also need to put a limit on using this and always remember to go back to reality. Spending weekend for video games is not bad at all. It is not a sin to at least take a couple of hours to relax and be entertained.

2. B-I-N-G-O

If you want something that is “monetary-challenging”, then you can go to BINGO houses to gamble and play. BINGO is a number game wherein you need to form a particular pattern in a number board in order to win the jackpot. This is one way to release stress in your body because this game is quite entertaining. But always make sure you play the game to be entertained because there are three possible outcomes on playing this game, you may go home even, rich or broke. Nevertheless, you play for the purpose of entertainment. So regardless of the outcome, you at least enjoyed your day playing BINGO.

3. Online Casino

For those who want to take their weekend into a different level of entertainment and challenge, you can actually still do that at home. All you need to have is a computer machine and an internet connection so you can play online casino games. It is safe to call this a virtual casino since you are actually just like playing in a Casino in Las Vegas without leaving the comfort of your own home. With the help of the internet technology, you can now enjoy the Casino with your shorts and slippers while lying in your couch. Think of a perfect and relaxing weekend. You can play blackjack online or slots game to experience fun during weekend.

4. Dance Revolution

Another Arcade gaming that you may want to try is the dance revolution. This is for people who want to get wet with perspiration without leaving the roof. If you are somebody interactive and athletic, dance revolution is your perfect indoor activity.

5. Movies

It’s Saturday, you have pop corn, DVDs of Harry Potter Series and Smallville TV Series, soft couch, and a wide screen TV. Wow, nothing can beat movie marathon on weekend. You can also visit your nearest cinemas and theatres to watch the latest movies like “The Breaking Dawn”. Watching movie is our escape to reality and I will be forever grateful to the moviemakers.

I would not change my weekend for the wealth that this world can offer. For me, weekend is HAPPINESS and nothing can take my happiness away from me.

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