Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Power of Internet Research: A Quick Research on the Life of Andrea Chénier

Nowadays, it is so easy to research information in the internet. Thanks to the web hosting company who made this possible. Through the web server, people can upload their files and it can be accessed via web browser. If not for the hosting server, internet research would never be possible. There are a lot of reliable hosting companies out there. Some of them earned credibility by winning best web hosting awards.

Through the help of the internet, I was able to research about the life of Andrea Chénier. So far, this is what I’ve found out on my research:

Considered as one of the most popular operas of all ages, Andrea Chénier is an opera that tells a story of a French poet who became the victim of the French Revolution. The opera is comprises of four acts under the supervision of the composer Umberto Giordano.

In the first act, the first scene depicts the servants, headed by Gérard, busy preparing for Coigny’s ball. The said event is to be attended by the aristocrats and selected guests. Gérard is filled with resentment when he saw his aged father in great distress because of an abusive labor. One of the guests who attended the ball is a popular and sweet poet guy named Andrea Chénier. Maddalena, the beautiful daughter of the Countess, requested Andrea Chénier to compose a poem about love. As he could not resist the request from a beautiful lady, Andrea Chénier agreed to improvise a poem and recite it in public. However, Chénier forgets that the topic he should recite is all about love. He reveals the sorrow and the distress of the servants and the poor under the hands of aristocrats. He also reveals that this is the sole reason why the poor outburst their anger against those who have a power in the church and state. All the guests except Maddalena are outraged and alarmed with Chénier’s eccentric idealism. This poem has triggered Gérard, the anguished servant, to lead his own crowd but later on ordered to leave the castle. Chénier follows Gérard’s group as they march out of the vicinity.

The second act focuses on the characters of Chénier, Maddalena and Gérard as the three of them became revolutionary activists. Roucher, Chénier’s best friend advised him to flee as he is now a wanted man. But Chénier doesn’t want to leave Maddalena, so he stayed with her. A fellow activist, Gérard who is also in love with Maddalena intercepted and he fought with Chénier with sword. Gérard became wounded and he advised Chénier to save Maddalena against the wrath of enemies.

On the third act, Gérard has recovered from the wound and set under the Court of the Revolutionary Tribunal. Gérard, in the mood of cynicism, summons against Chénier. To plea for the life of Chénier, Maddalena showed up and offer herself to Gérard. Gérard was moved by such love and agreed to save Chénier, but it’s now too late. The verdict of death for Chénier has been approved.

The fourth act is all about the persecution of Andre Chénier. He spent his last moment writing poems. Maddalena also permitted a final and brief talk with Chénier. He is scheduled to be beheaded at the dawn. Maddalena then bribed the prison guard and persuaded him to take the place of a condemned woman beside Chénier. So at the scheduled time of persecution, the two lovers faced death together.

Thanks to the internet technology that I was able to know the story of my subject without the need of watching the actual performance.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin- Ang Financial Guide Book na Hindi Nakakabitin

I have a lame excuse to write this review in Tag-lish, mix ng tagalog at English, kasi the book that I am going to review is also written in Tagalog-English.
Unang una, bakit ko ba binili ang 100 pages na librong ito? Well, siguro once in my life natutunan ko na maging wais. Instead of buying a cellphone load worth 50 pesos, I decided na ibibili ko na lang ng libro na makakatulong to enhance myself to become a better person. In the first place,50 pesos lang naman to, walang mawawala pag bibilhin ko to.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wanted: Reliable and Credible Web Hosting Company

My blog has been sitting in the internet for more than three years now and I am still using the free web hosting courtesy of the blogging platform I am using. Since it is free, my blog URL is in the sub domain of my free hosting provider. I really don’t have any plan to buy a web hosting account, but lately, I am thinking that since I am gradually earning from this blog, I think this page should possess its own identity and not just hiding under a sub domain name.

This is how I see it. A “web hosting” account is actually a space in the server where you can upload your files to make it accessible via the internet.  As an analogy, a web hosting server is just like a “space for rent”. You have to pay the rent for the space, and in return, you can put anything you want in that space and allow anybody to access it. If you have a space, then that space should have an address. In the web hosting terminology, this address is what we called a URL or a Uniform Resource Locator. This is what you will use to allow people to visit your files in your web hosting account.

I am pretty excited to obtain my own hosting account so I can finally create a domain name for my blog. I know transferring my files from free hosting services to the paid one requires a lot of work and sacrifice especially that my free domain is performing well in the search engines. However, the real challenge is finding for the right and credible hosting provider. So here I am, spending some time to find for a hosting provider that I think I can trust. I bet this is more difficult than looking for a girlfriend.  

In finding for a hosting provider, consider those who are accepting “promotional coupons”.  You can save big for the cost of the service if there are some sorts of discounts or promotions. And I think I found the ONE.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soccer Versus Rugby

I just watched sports news this morning and I was so dumbfounded on how the Philippine soccer team known as Azkals influenced today’s kids and teens to hook up into the sports called Football. Since the Azkals brought in the popularity of this sports in the country, there have been a lot of training centers and schools to train kids to play this game. Recently, another Philippine sports team has been organized and they call themselves the Volcanoes. Unlike the Azkals, Volcanoes play the sports called Rugby. They are a group of strong and muscled men.

Both Soccer and Rugby are good sports and I am happy that Filipinos are now gradually embracing these sports on top of Basketball and Boxing. But what really is the difference between Soccer and Rugby? Let’s start with the ball used. The shape of the soccer ball is round while the rugby ball is in spheroid. This is how the rugby ball and the soccer ball look like:

In order to score in Rugby, you must kick the ball over the bar. On the other hand, you can score in soccer by placing the ball into the net. Rugby requires steep power to pass through your opponents and drive the ball to the other side, while in soccer, excessive use of power is not allowed, or else you will get a yellow card.

Rugby and Soccer can be easily distinguished with each other and the above are the most obvious facts. If you want to play rugby and soccer, you can purchase your gears, jerseys and other materials needed to play in online shopping websites. You can also find promotional coupons and discount vouchers online so you can save in your shopping.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

POEA Davao SRA Schedule for the month of October 2011

Last January, I have posted here the SRA schedule of POEA Davao. SRA means Special Recruitment Authority. This allows agencies to conduct hiring and interviews from places outside their offices.

The POEA Davao is located in Quimpo Boulevard, the building is situated in the Metrobank Compound. It’s just a few steps away from SM Davao. If you want to know the address of the POEA Davao, just refer to the map below:

Here is the schedule of SRA this October 2011:

October 14, 2011
Agency: JEBSENS Maritime
Venue: CAP Auditorium, Anda St., Davao City

October 13-14, 2011
Agency: SKILLS International
Venue: POEA Davao located in Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City

October 14, 2011
Agency: PEOPLE Manpower
Venue: POEA Davao located in Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City

Please don't forget to bring your resume, credentials and other important certificates that would support your application. Please also wear proper attire when applying for a job.

DISCLAIMER: I am not connected to these agencies and to the POEA Davao. I just want to share this information to everybody.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romantic Retreat: Villa Rentals Outside of Asia

For a romantic vacation overseas, luxury villa rentals are difficult to beat. Combining space, comfort, and privacy, villa rentals offer just about everything you could want. However, not every villa is perfectly suited to a romantic getaway. Some villas are simply too luxurious and distracting for romance, and others are far too large. Some villas are even both. Here are a few romantic retreats outside of Asia that fit the criteria for a truly romantic trip.

[View of Blue Waters, a luxury villa in Mustique, Caribbean]
Created with the idea of a ‘storybook’, Blue Waters is a unique villa planned out by stage designer Oliver Messel to give a truly creative feel. With two bedrooms, Blue Waters supports both a romantic couple and, should they happen to tag along, a pair of children in having an unforgettable experience. The charming, yet secluded nature of the villa helps to ensure an atmosphere away from the bustle of the city, and entertainment is largely designed around having fun together. One of the region’s best snorkeling beaches is quite close to Blue Waters, and a tennis court is nearby for those who would rather have a little fun on land.

[View of Il Frantoio, a luxury villa in Tuscany, Italy]

Originally built as a working olive press building as part of a larger estate, Il Frantoio is a luxury villa with a vivid history, yet its recent restoration has helped to make it into a truly comfortable facility. Olive trees remain around the villa, making for scenic countryside walks, and a classical Tuscan kitchen allows for the preparation of authentic Italian cuisine. The pleasant, neutral tones of Il Frantoio also help to encourage relaxation and the timeless experience of the Italian countryside, where the modern world is present but always kept just out of reach to help you concentrate on what’s truly important. Italy villas are renowned for their hospitality, and Il Frantoio’s convenient location, with easy access to many methods of travel and local sights (such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a full 18-hole golf course) help make it an inviting, romantic destination in the Italian countryside.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Will You Dare to Succeed?

As I was rearranging the disarranged books on my table, I found this book entitled “Dare to Succeed- A Treasury of Inspiration and Wisdom for Life and Career” by Van Crouch. I bought this book some 6 months ago and read it from cover to cover and I realized I haven’t shared anything about this book. So I decided to write a review.

Basically, the book is a small guide on how to live a successful life. While I believe success could not be found in books, they could be used as guide or a source of knowledge on how to possess the right attitude and the right approach to situations in life that would lead us to live the life that we want.
I bought the book because of its biblical factor. Most parts of the book are all about verses in the bible that you needed for a particular situation. For example, if you need wisdom, you can find a list of verses to read about wisdom. It entails a lot of topic, from decision making to forgiving others. All the verses you need in the bible are listed on this book.

What I really like about this book is the Devotional part.  It’s just like Daily Bread, but limited to 30 days only. I was really inspired with the stories featured and the topic is concentrated on living life to the fullest, achieving your dreams and being a successful one.

The book also taught me how to possess a winning attitude. We can all be winners in our own right, but it’s the attitude that really matters. God will never grant you bigger things in life if you do not have the right attitude to handle it. So if you want to grow bigger in life, you have to be on guard with your attitude. Evaluate yourself if you possess the winning attitude before you ever complain why you are not successful.

For me, success is just a by product of doing things we like. If you are happy with what you are doing, if you are just passionate about it, no matter what kind of job it is or no matter how small it is, you are successful. If you manage a multinational company and you are not happy doing it, you are not successful. Success can only be achieved if you will learn how to become happy with what you are doing. That would lead us back to the idea of having a “winning attitude”. For me, everything can be conceived in our own thoughts. Everything starts from an idea. You dream because you think, you decide because you think, you aim a goal because you think. Winning attitude can be achieved by thinking about it. If you will always instil in your mind the idea of winning, you sure can achieve what you really want in life.

So I dare you to succeed.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Remembering Eunice- A Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness Project

A fellow blogger has encouraged me to join this Charity Blogging Cancer Awareness Project. All I have to do is to post a blog about Cancer to help people increase their awareness about cancer and how to cure and prevent it. The goal of this project is not only limited to providing awareness to the readers but also help a support group for cancer warriors and survivors. For every 10 blogposts, one Prosure formula will be donated to CanShare. If you want to read more about this project and you would like to participate, just go to

When I decided to join this charity blogging event, the first person that came to my mind is my former Grade 6 student Eunice Joy Bayogan. 

There’s a conviction in me to participate because this will not only help those who are on the battlefield of Cancer but everyone.

I’ve met her last June 2007 and I am not aware that this bubbly, charming and smart kid has an on-going battle with cancer. According to her father’s Multiply page, Eunice has been diagnosed of Acute MyelogenousLeukemia (AML). Basically, it’s a blood cancer and considered one of the worst forms of Leukemia.

I’ve discovered that Eunice is in serious battle against an illness when I asked her classmates about her consecutive absences. Eunice was one of the reasons why I love to conduct lectures on their section. She was one of those active and participative students in class, in fact she was an honor pupil in class. As much as she loves to go to school and study, she was prevented by a doctor to attend school for a series of treatment, hence the reason of her absences. While other kids are enjoying the freedom to go to school and play at park, Eunice is in the hospital fighting for her life.

Eunice is blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family who wish nothing but her welfare and helped her on the pursuit to live a normal life. With the help of friends, relatives and competent medical team, Eunice was able to combat the disease. But we all know that if it is about cancer, we are actually taking a losing battle. 

The disease has gradually dominated her body but she still has the determination and the perseverance to fight. During her birthday, she went to my classroom and she brought with her an apple. She gave the apple to me with a wry smile. I refused to consider the possibility that this could be her last birthday. I told her that she’s a strong girl and her life is an inspiration to others, she reciprocated with a sweet smile.

Eunice’s has exhausted all her strengths and courage to win the battle, but it has come to an end.

Although the disease has ravaged her body, we know that Eunice didn’t lose the fight. She had fought a good fight and that is good enough to inspire us who are left behind.

The journey towards curing a cancer is very painful and costly. When you know that you or your love one is in the verge of death because of cancer, you have no choice but to become strong and to hold on your faith that you will gonna win the fight. 

But there are some basic and natural steps for us to avoid battle with cancer. The keyword is PREVENTION. The battle against the cancer will only happen if you are in the process of curing, but what better way to avoid the cure is actually to prevent it. The only way we can prevent cancer is by knowing about it. In order to win the fight, you must know your enemy. So I have summarized below the most basic and natural ways to do to prevent cancer:

1. Exercise

When it comes to health advices or disease prevention tips, exercise will never be out of the list.In cancer prevention, exercise is the number 1 and the most effective way. If you will exercise at least 30 minutes a day and 5 times a week, you will lower the risk of cancer.

2. Healthy Diet

What we are eating sometimes is the primary reason of cancer. We have been exposed too much with a variety of foods contaminated with different chemicals and other ingredients that are not good for the health. Fruits and Vegetables free from any chemical contamination are still the best food to take. You should have it on your diet. Choose also to eat fewer high fat foods. If you are vigilant with that you are eating, you will live a cancer free life.

3. No to Tobacco, Drink Moderately

Use any type of tobacco regularly and you will help cancer find the shortest route to ruin your life. If you want to get rid of cancer, stop using tobacco. If you will stop using it, you will not only save your life, but also the people around you who can inhale the secondhand smoke you produce. Drinking alcoholic beverages is one thing that can also attract cancer. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, do it moderately.

Nobody can help us to prevent cancer but ourselves. Let us be responsible enough and be a good steward of the body and life that has been entrusted to us.

As a part of this Cancer Awareness project, a whole-day event for cancer patients and survivors called “SANTA SPECIAL 2011: A Christmas Tribute To Cancer Warriors”,  is to be held this coming December 3 and 4, 2011 at Shift Bar, near Dig Radio Studios, @ R&D Building, 7615 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati. There are free gift bags, performances, caricatures, and photo booths. It’s also going to be fun. I am cordially inviting anyone who has had cancer before. If you have relatives, friends, or if you know any indigent patients with cancer, please invite them! Join us for a day of fun with comedians, magicians, caricaturists, and other performers. It's a first come, first served - and it's free entrance but reservations are needed - so please send doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com the ff info if any of your friends want to book reservations:

1. name
2. cel number
3. diagnosis (as only cancer patients are allowed to join. Let's save the cancer warriors and survivors to get the freebie. :D )

You can also help financially by sending your donations to PayPal account doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Special thanks to Mr. Jon Bayogan, Eunice’s father, who allowed me to use Eunice’s story of fighting against cancer and for the photos.