Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samsung Smart TV Lead to Improve Television User Experience and Design

With the advancement of the technology, we could not afford to just use the same conventional television design. Television should never stay as a boob tube or a black box. The face of television design must be changed for good. Why? Picture this out:

Your living room decorated with expensive paintings and sophisticated furniture.

Then in one corner, you see a small black box called television that looks like this:

Well, for me, nothing is wrong with that. But it just looks awkward. If you can afford to turn your living room into something modern, you sure would like the idea of using appliances with modern design. So replace your old TV with Samsung Smart TV.

Take a look at every corner of a Samsung Smart TV and you will see what I mean. The new Samsung Smart TV has a ground breaking design to ensure better user experience and a cooler look that I think would make TV appearance stay on the bandwagon of the improvement of technology.

The new Samsung Smart TV has a super narrow bezel.

And you know what this mean? Well, you will get a very thin frame around the LCD screen which will make your TV monitor great. It will of course improve the color balance of your monitor as well as the luminance and the contrast ratio.

With Samsung Smart TV, I can experience a comfortable Television viewing as well as appreciate its design. It is good to see this kind of TV sitting in one corner of your room.

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