Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samsung Smart TV is for Social Media Network Addict and Couch Potatoes

I do believe and I strongly agree that Social Media network and Television are connected with each other. Not only because they are both in line with communication and media, but because they are supporting each other in terms of news, updates and current events.

Notice that if there's a new hit show, personality or news on TV, it is not just circulating on the campus or all over the community, but also on Twitter and Facebook. It will instantly become a trending topic. That is as far as my observation is concerned.

Now, the real challenge here now is how are you going to balance your social media network community and your TV session?

Watching TV while managing Social Media networking account is now possible with the new Samsung Smart TV. So you don't need to compromise your addiction to social media to give in to being a couch potatoes or the other way around. With the new Samsung Smart TV, you can surf the internet and have access to the world wide web while watching your favorite movie.

Who would have thought it can become possible? Indeed, Samsung Smart TV has elevated the level of television technology. So now you can manage your social media by accessing the internet and watch TV and movie at the same time.

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