Sunday, February 13, 2011

Qualities of a Professional Nurse

Nursing is not only a career; it requires hard work and dedication. You are working to take care of the life of your patient and it is considered to be a responsibility more than a job. There are a lot of people now taking nursing as a course because this is one of the most in demand careers. However, you must always keep in mind that you are required to handle your job with care. 

As a nurse, you must prepare yourself for extreme challenges. In this world, we need to have good and quality nurses. If you want to become professional nurse, you must have the following characteristics:

1. Highly Qualified and  Trained

Just like any other profession, a nurse should be highly qualified and trained from a credible institution. You cannot practice nursing professionally if you don’t have the right knowledge on how to handle the patient to ensure utmost and professional care.

2. Good Grooming

A good nurse must be able to take care of themselves first before they can take care of other people. This is the reason why nurses come in uniforms and most of the time it is in white. Aside from the fact that this will help people recognize them as a nurse, the nursing scrubs  and nursing uniforms will reflect how nurses groomed themselves.  If you are professional enough, you must always keep yourself clean and good looking. A nurse with pleasant appearance can help reduce patient’s pain.
1.     3. Emotionally stable

 It is a must that you must leave all your personal and emotional problems at home. Do not bring it at works, or else, this may affect your presence of mind. As a nurse, you must always keep your focus at work. This is to avoid prescribing wrong medicine to your patient, feeding prohibited foods, etc.

4. Flexible

Sometimes, you may need to extend extra hours of your service. You must be willing and flexible to do that to show your concern to your patients.

5. Show kindness and empathy

 The life of your patients rely on you, that is why nursing is more than a job, you must give the whole of yourself by showing kindness and empathy to your patients.

Nursing is a very noble job. You can only justify yourself being a nurse if you will do your job professionally.

Happy Nursing!


  1. Very nice.. That is why buying scrubs is one thing to consider because grooming is very important. i always prefer buying online if not i make my own uniform. :)

  2. Yes, there are a lot of shops online where you can buy scrubs

  3. You forgot to add dedication and patience. Nurses are the heart of the healthcare, that's why they are very essential and needed. Yet, without these qualities that you had posted, the nursing career will be in vain.

    Thanks for posting, eh.
    Peny@eye chart

  4. oh yeah..thanks for adding that information

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